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1862. The species was first named as a species of Polyodon by Eduard von Martens.

Scientific drawing of Psephurus gladius from 1868

1873. It was placed into a separatemonotypic genus by Albert Günther.

1970s. Annual harvest reaches 25t.

1990s. Added on the endangered species list.

2003. Last seen alive.

2005-2010. Total extinction, cause: manmade.

2007. One anecdotal report of a dead specimen.

2020New research concludes the freshwater species likely disappeared between 2005 and 2010 due to human activity.

June 2021. The main cause of the decline was the construction of the Gezhouba and Three Gorges dams, causing population fragmentation and blocking the anadromous spawning migration. Overfishing also played a significant role.

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