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Bust of Thucydides
Plaster cast bust of Thucydides (in the Pushkin Museum) from a Roman copy (located at Holkham Hall) of an early fourth-century BC Greek original

C. 460 – 455 BC. He was born in Halimous, Athens (modern Alimos).

431 BC. He began to write “the History” at the onset of the Peloponnesian war.

424 BC. Because of his influence in the Thracian region, he was sent as a strategos (general) to Thasos.

424 BC. Exiled for failing to reach the city of Amphipolis in time to prevent its capture by the Spartans.

411 BC. The History breaks off near the end of the twenty-first year of the war.

C. 400 BC. He died in a yet unknown place.

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