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Charlemagne as emperor on this coin - Photo PHGCOMA denarius of Charlemagne dated c. 812–814 with the inscription KAROLVS IMP AVG (Karolus Imperator Augustus)

C. 742 AD. Charlemagne was born in Aachen, Austrasia (now in Germany) as the eldest child of Frankish king Pepin the Short.

768 AD. His father dies and the kingdom is divided between him and his brother Carloman.

771 AD. His brother dies and he becomes the sole ruler of the Franks.

774 AD. He extended his dominance to the south and became King of the Lombards.

800 AD. Charlemagne’s coronation as Emperor of the Romans.

814 AD. Charlemagne fell ill with a fever and died a week later.

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