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1310 April 30 AD. He was born in Kowal, Kuyavia.

1325 AD. He married Aldona of Lithuania.

1333 AD. He attained the throne, his position was in danger, as his neighbors did not recognize his title and instead called him “king of Kraków”.

1335 AD. In the Treaty of Trentschin, he was forced to relinquish his claims to Silesia “in perpetuity”.

1339 AD. His wife dies.

1341 AD. He married his second wife, Adelaide of Hesse. She was a daughter of Henry II, Landgrave of Hesse, and Elizabeth of Meissen.

1347 March 11 AD. He introduced reforms to the Polish judicial system and sanctioned civil and criminal codes for Great and Lesser Poland, earning the title “the Polish Justinian”.

1355 AD. In Buda, Casimir designated his nephew Louis I of Hungary as his successor should he produce no male heir, just as his father had with Charles I of Hungary to gain help against Bohemia.

1356 AD. He divorces his wife, and marries his mistress.

1364 AD. He divorces his mistress.

1364 AD. He organized a meeting of kings in Kraków at which he exhibited the wealth of the Polish kingdom.

1364 AD. Given the permission from pope Urban V, he established the University of Kraków, the oldest Polish University.

1365 AD. He married his fourth wife Hedwig of Żagań.

1370 November 5 AD. He died from an injury received while hunting.

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