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1706 AD. Benjamin Franklin, also known as Ben Franklin, was born in Boston on January 17 as the fifteenth child of a soaper and candlemaker named Josiah Franklin.

1706 AD. He stopped going to school and started working in his older brother’s printing house.

1721 AD. Franklin founded the New-England Courant, a weekly newspaper.

1722 AD. He wrote a collection of 14 essays titled Silence Dogood.

1725 AD. While he was in London, Franklin wrote a pamphlet titled A Dissertation of Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain in which he stated that man cannot be held accountable for his actions, given the fact that man has no freedom of choice. He, later on, renounced the pamphlet.

1727 AD. Franklin founded his own printing house in Philadelphia.

1728 AD. He became the founder of a discussion group called the Club of Leather Aprons.

1746 AD. Franklin began exploring the principle of electricity. He was the first to discover the principle of conservation of charge.

1776 AD. Franklin was sent to France as an ambassador to sign an alliance between America and France.

1790 AD. Having suffered from obesity in his later years, Benjamin Franklin passed away on April 17 due to a pleuritic attack.

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