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Ashoka's visit to the Ramagrama stupa Sanchi Stupa 1 Southern gateway.jpg
A c. 1st century BCE/CE relief from Sanchi, showing Ashoka on his chariot, visiting the Nagas at Ramagrama.

C. 304 BC. He was born in Pataliputra, Mauryan Empire (adjacent to present-day Patna, Bihar, India).

C. 268 BC. He ascends to the throne.

C. 264 BC. He converted to Buddhism.

C. 263 – 261 BC. He constructed 84,000 viharas.

C. 260 BC. He conquered Kalinga.

C. 254 BC. He commissioned the enlargement of the stupa of Buddha Kanakamuni.

C. 232 BC. According to the Ashokavadana, the emperor fell severely ill during his last days. He started using state funds to make donations to the Buddhist sangha, prompting his ministers to deny him access to the state treasury.

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