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C. 450 BC. He was born in Athens.

447 BC. After the death of Cleinias at the Battle of Coronea, Pericles and Ariphron became his guardians.

432 BC. He took part in the Battle of Potidaea, where Socrates was said to have saved his life.

424 BC. He took part in the Battle of Delium.

C. 422 BC. He entered politics.

415 BC. Set to Italy, he defect to Sparta.

412 BC. It is alleged that Astyochus, a Spartan Admiral, was sent orders to kill him, but Alcibiades received warning of this order and defected to the Persian satrap Tissaphernes, who had been supporting the Peloponnesian forces financially.

411 BC. He was recalled by the “intermediate regime” of The Five Thousand, the government which succeeded the Four Hundred. Also, he was appointed again as an Athenian general.

409 BC. After their victory, he and Thrasybulus began the siege of Chalcedon with about 190 ships. Although unable to attain a decisive victory or induce the city to surrender, Alcibiades was able to win a small tactical land battle outside of the city gates and Theramenes concluded an agreement with the Chalcedonians.

408 BC. He traveled to the Chersonese and attacked the city of Selymbria on the north shore of the Propontis.

C. 407 BC. He returned to Athens.

406 BC. He set out from Athens with 1,500 hoplites and a hundred ships. He failed to take Andros and then he went on to Samos. Later he moved to Notium, closer to the enemy at Ephesus.

404 BC. As he was about to set out for the Persian court, his residence was surrounded and set on fire. Seeing no chance of escape he rushed out on his assassins, dagger in hand, and was killed by a shower of arrows.

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