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From Middle French activité, from Latin activitas, from āctīvus +‎ -tās, from agō (to act) +‎ -īvus.

Equivalent to active +‎ -ity.


  • IPA(key)/ækˈtɪ.vɪ.ti//ækˈtɪ.vɪ.tiː//ækˈtɪ.və.ti/


activity (countable and uncountableplural activities)

  1. (uncountable) The state or quality of being active; activeness.
    Pit row was abuzz with activity.
  2. (countable) Something done as an action or a movement.
    The activity for the morning was a walk to the store.
  3. (countable) Something done for pleasure or entertainment, especially one involving movement or an excursion.
    An increasing number of sports activities are on offer at the university.
    Quilting can be an enjoyable activity.
  4. (grammar, semantics) The lexical aspect (aktionsart) of verbs or predicates that change over time and have no natural end point.

Usage notes

  • Adjectives often used with “activity”: increased, decreased, high, low, volcanic, seismic, eruptive, intellectual, physical, mental, spiritual, muscular, cerebral, favorite, recreational, practical, cultural, artistic, literary, musical, political, diplomatic, military, domestic, voluntary, missionary, chemical, optical, productive, reproductive, industrial, commercial, etc.
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