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Etymology, Finnish, Nähdä

To see. photo: Fluentu   Etymology From Proto-Finnic *näktäk, from Proto-Uralic *näke-. Cognate with Estonian nägema and Hungarian néz. Pronunciation IPA: /ˈnæhdæˣ/, [ˈnæhdæ(ʔ)] Rhymes: -æhdæ Syllabification: näh‧dä Verb nähdä (transitive) to see (transitive) to see, meet (transitive) to regard, have an outlook or a view on, see (transitive) to go through, experience Suomessa ei tarvitse NÄHDÄ nälkää. One doesn’t have to experience hunger in Finland.

Etymology, Romanian, Dor

Love and Pain (1895) by Edvard Munch   Etymology Untranslatable word. From Latin dolus (“to feel pain”), from Portuguese dor. Compare Portuguese saudade, German Sehnsucht. NOUN strong desire to see someone dear again; nostalgia. longing, desire,…